We had the distinct pleasure to ask some questions to designer Austin Sherbanenko, the man behind Odyn Vovk. Trying to pinpoint the story behind what is becoming one of the big players in the men's fashion scene.

CAYA: Who are the people behind OV?   

OV: It is a small tight team. Myself (Austin Sherbanenko) owner and Head Designer, my lead sample sewer Carlos and my girlfriend (Christina) who runs all logistics. It is very important to keep it small and controlled. We all work really well together. 

I am a self taught designer. My interest began when I was a kid and traveled with me. In the summer of 08 is when I began school at FIDM, I quickly learned, I can learn much quicker DOING things on my own rather than sit trough class learning how to draw a drape. From there is when I ventured out and begin a small capsule collection. Through trial and error my journey began and a brand was born. 

CAYA: Why did you start OV and what is the story behind it? 

OV: I knew I could not work under someone. Its not in my blood. I need to know what is going on and I need to have control over what gets made, each and every detail is very important. I have learned a lot with trial and error. Its a on going cycle of discovery to say the least.

CAYA: What/who are your influences? 

OV: I am heavily influence by my surroundings and my daily life. I have created a lifestyle that is driven by, well.. my life. I always surround myself with art, music and hobbies... there is never a lack of. My father has really taught me what it means to have drive in life, to make a living working hard but also to enjoy it. 

CAYA: What can we aspect from OV in the future? 

OV: A lot. 

Odyn Vovk AW-11 commercial from Jon Ryan on Vimeo.