onsdag 30 juni 2010

Mandy Coon

Continuing with the womenswear here on CAYA. This time it is about a newcomer on the fashion scene, Mandy Coon. Mandy Coon is now releasing her second collection and succeeds with bringing a new dimension to womenswear.

söndag 27 juni 2010

Jacket from Forgotten Future

Richard Dawson is the man behind the new brand in menswear, Forgotten Future. He took his degree in menswear fashion at Central Martins College in London 2001 and has finally decided to set his on mark in the menswear industri. This is an interesting piece of jacket from the a/w 10 collection. Available at Oki-ni.

onsdag 16 juni 2010

Damir Doma W

For some time now we on CAYA have wanted to start with fashion for woman, and now it is finally time. Here is the a/w 10 Collection from Damir Doma.

söndag 13 juni 2010

ARN Mercantile

Breaking in a new brand here on CAYA, this time it is ARN Mercantile. This brand is the result of collaboration between two designers, one from Europe and the other one from Japan. Together they have created a brand that stands for organic manufactured products.

We here on CAYA thinks it is great that brands like ARN Mercantile exist, because they show that it is possible to create good looking clothes in an all organic way. Following is two jackets from the s/s 10 collection, both available at oki-ni.

lördag 5 juni 2010

Ma +

Some inspiration (part 2) from Ma+, amazing stuff available at Darklands.

onsdag 2 juni 2010

Today I did this to save the world

Today we’re going to do something different here on CAYA. We would like you all to take a look at http://todayididthis.com/ - Start doing!

tisdag 1 juni 2010

J.W.Andersson a/w 10

A interesting video from new designer, J.W.Anderssons a/w collection. You can find his clothes at oki-ni.